“BART and the people of District 3 will be in good hands under Barnali Ghosh’s leadership. She brings a passion for public transit, years of effective advocacy, and analytical and innovative thinking. She’ll ensure that BART continues to be a vital transit system by improving service and being responsive to riders and constituents.” 

-BART Board Director Rebecca Saltzman

"Barnali has long served as my representative on the Berkeley Planning Commission and Berkeley Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. She is an experienced transit advocate who understands how important it is for BART to connect communities."

-Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin

“I’m pleased to endorse Barnali Ghosh for BART Director, District 3 — because BART needs strong leadership as we move toward redefining and shoring up public transit in the Bay Area. The recent challenges created by COVID and an uncertain economy means we need someone with a broad life experience to serve at this critical time for BART. Barnali has that full spectrum of life experience (transit advocate, city planner, designer, author) and has promised to make BART accountable to calls for greater safety, cleanliness, and reliability."

-El Cerrito Councilmember Paul Fadelli, BART's former Legislative and Government Affairs Program Manager

“El Cerrito has benefited in countless ways from our two BART stations, and I trust Barnali Ghosh to understand what our city needs when tough decisions need to be made."

-El Cerrito Councilmember Lisa Motoyama

"Barnali is a visionary leader who will help BART navigate difficult times for public transit. We need her as the next BART Director from District 3. I especially appreciate her commitment to housing options near transit."

-Albany Councilmember Aaron Tiedemann

“I’ve counted on the BART Director from District 3 to be a close partner in ensuring that BART prioritizes a safe and seamless rider experience in the urban core of the system. We know Barnali is up to the challenge and I’m proud to endorse her."

-BART Board Director Bevan Dufty